Ultra Charge Power Pod One

Ultra Charge Power Pod One

Ultra Charge Power Pod One

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Tired of your device dying in the middle of the day at absolute worst times, imagine being able to wirelessly charge your device anywhere without worrying about finding outlets. 


                                                  CHARGE ANYWHERE  

Now you'll experience a fully charged, never dying device, everywhere you go because your living in the future with the Ultra Charge Power Pod One, the original mini and portable charger that connects onto the bottom of any mobile device. After extending 50%-75% of your devices battery life on a single charge, you'll say goodbye to traditional messy annoying wires and bulky power banks for good.



1x Ultra Charge power pod

3x Magnetic Device Adapters

( Lightning,Type-C & MicroUSB )

1x Magnetic USB Recharging Cable

1x Adapter Removal Tool

1x Canvas Carrying Pouch






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